Learning from Stories:

The Campfire Project wants to help Canadians learn more about each other and what we value about this place we call home.  By sharing stories about Canada’s future The Campfire Project will create a modern, inclusive vision for this country.


One BIG storytelling experiment:

As part of the Carlton Centre for Community Innovation at Carleton University, The Campfire Project is also all about research.  We want to learn more about how stories can help online communities create knowledge together.  We also want to learn if we can take that online experience and translate it into citizens making positive change in their cities, towns and communities across the country.  By sharing stories, taking part in celebrations or legacy projects and staying in touch with Campfire150, Canadians can help all of us discover what makes meaningful, resilient communities on and offline.  We promise to share what we learn with Canadians and our partners as our legacy from the 150th celebrations.